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Cape Flora is one of the world’s most precious natural assets, with its colorful shrub vegetation, hundreds of species of Bulbs, Heather, Restios, and of course the enchanting Proteas. When visiting the South African Cape, one loses his heart to this unique flora, the true crown-jewels of the Cape.

To our network of clients worldwide we offer an extensive range of Cape Flora, all procured from sustainable growers. Our assortment include Protea, Banksia, Leucospermum, Leucadendron, Brunia, Berzelia and Erica, as well as a wide range of other exotics and bouquets made from these products.

With different varieties flowering in different seasons, FreshCap has a diverse assortment of Cape Flora available throughout the year. In addition, we procure from selected growers in Southern Europe and South America. Resulting in year-round supply of many varieties.

A fresh dynamic in an ancient floral kingdom.

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